Home delivery & Installations


Home installation service, ‘Signify Hue’, offered for private customers.


Some time ago, Signify brought its particularly successful Hue concept onto the market. To complement its range of products in stores (Signify Lighting), it recently also started offering a home installation service ‘Signify Hue’ for private customers.

In practice

Signify promptly sends all customer orders to All Fields in a standardised format, accompanied by the necessary information.

After receiving this information, the All Fields project manager contacts the end user within 48 hours to schedule an appointment, and the customer then receives a confirmation email.

Before the installation takes place, the customer is asked to take several measures.

On the day of the installation, the installer reports to the customer’s home.

When the installation is complete, the installer uses visual material for a detailed description in the online reporting system that Signify can consult at any time.

Preferred supplier: www.lightgallery.com