Technical installations


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Niko is a well-known brand that has been active in the world of switches, wall sockets and lighting control for over a century.

With over 20 years of experience in home automation and digital door communication, the company quickly became a reference in that area as well.

With a view to the future, Niko has been preparing for the retail market, which includes starting a store concept according to the shop-in-shop principle. (developed by Mojo Retail & Hospitality Designers)

In practice

After Mojo supplied the necessary materials, All Fields checked whether all of the accessories were present and in good condition.

We took care of transporting the material to the stores.

On site, the All Fields team dismantled the old structure to make space for the installation of a new, recognisable, black, elegant shelving concept.

We took care of everything from setting up the store shelves according to the shelving plans, installing informational panels and applying segmentation stickers to connecting the lighting.

All Fields carried out everything, right down to the very last detail!