Technical installations


Replacement of the old setups.


During each seasonal change, many core suppliers use the expertise of All Fields to replace their old displays.

We exchange everything for the latest range, complete with new POS material and informational panels.

The focus in spring is on garden lights, and mid year everything moves to spotlight fittings and ceiling lighting.

In practice

Our merchandisers/installers have an exceptionally broad range of expertise and special skills.

They stay up to date through regular training, both in-house and with the relevant suppliers.

In addition to technical knowledge, it is also important to have feeling.

Our installers constantly monitor the look and feel so that the overall picture fits 100 percent.

The All Fields team has all the right know-how when it comes to traditional lighting, but our package also includes connected lighting.

For this type of smart lighting, we create a digital script that controls the colour nuances.