Instore Promotions

EG Stada Group

Responsible for installing displays designed by EG, at 750 pharmacists in Belgium.


Installation of a display, designed by EG, at 750 pharmacies in Belgium. EG is the market leader in Belgium for generic medicines.

In practice

After the displays were delivered to the All Fields warehouse, our team set to work and finished the metal structure with a Plexiglass leaflet tray. We affixed EG stickers, positioned leaflets, and filled packages.

Using a list of participating pharmacies, we mapped out the most efficient route according to the location and opening times.

Our staff were thoroughly briefed beforehand using a clear test arrangement.

After installation, each merchandiser provided a detailed report that was supplemented with visual material and a signed visit report for approval of the installation.

All of this evidence was then immediately uploaded to the online reporting system and became available to EG customer service department.