Warehousing & Logistics


Supporting Dox Interieur Concepts, both in schools and at companies.


Providing support to Dox Interieur Concepts, an established name in ‘custom’ office design and furnishing, for both schools and businesses.

All Fields takes care of the entire project on behalf of Dox. This involves installations on the premises of the clients making the request, which are often schools.

In practice

Firstly, the All Fields team collects the furniture from Dox in Lier after carefully packing it for transport.

The major challenge here is coordination when we are on site. Experience has shown us that schools usually do not have goods or passenger lifts. The schools are often large, old buildings with numerous classrooms on various floors.

We tackle this job by using the stairs, or with the help of ladder lifts. Once the plan is created, we install all of the furniture according to the guidelines provided by Dox.

We also make sure that everything is neat and tidy afterwards. The waste usually goes to the All Fields site in Rumst where it is carefully recycled.

During busy periods, Dox can also use the storage space in the All Fields warehouses or use these as a hub.

Website: www.dox.be