Store remodeling & Inventory


Conversion and restyling of the entire lighting department for 11 suppliers.


Refurbishment and restyling of entire lighting department for 11 suppliers.

In practice

All Fields receives from the merchandisers at Brico/BPI an overview of which meters/displays needed to be modified, removed or installed.

After we checked the distribution, we contacted the 11 different lighting suppliers. Each supplier received a summary of the work to be carried out.

We scheduled between 1 and 5 installers for several weeks, depending on the workload plans. On site, the meters were refurbished in consultation with Brico’s refurbishment manager and the store manager.

All Fields created a report for each supplier and each meter using the online reporting system.

As a result, the entire lighting department was completely modified and updated, which meant that Brico/BPI did not have to deal with operational arrangements with lots of different suppliers.

This means that Brico/BPI has a fully restyled department for the coming years in one go.