Merchandising & Remodeling


Conversion for the Ambiance brand.


Conversion for the Levis Ambience brand (4 to 10 metres):

  • Attach new labels to paint tins
  • Assemble and install test furniture
  • Assemble and install alcoves
  • Install informational panels

In practice

This was a substantial project that required visits to over 430 stores (Hubo, Gamma, Brico and Mr. Bricolage).

We deployed a team of 50 employees over two months to convert a total of 2800 metres for the Levis Ambiance brand.

The project started with the conversion of 3 pilot stores in conjunction with the AkzoNobel team to test everything thoroughly. During the first phase, special training was provided so that we could properly tackle the assembly of test furniture and alcoves.

Each team then arrived under the coordination of an All Fields team leader who provided the required briefing.

The specific conversion comprised a broad package of tasks:

  • Removal of paint tins from shelves
  • Scanning in certain ranges and getting them ready for return
  • Providing certain ranges, item by item, with a new label
  • Arranging new ranges in the right place in the shelves
  • Changing, modifying and positioning POS material (informational headboards, horizontal and vertical banners)
  • Attaching new price labels

During the conversion, photos and any comments were added to the online reporting system on a daily basis.

In this way, AkzoNobel was able to closely accompany the progress of the entire project, and also had a bird’s-eye view of all 430 stores.

To round off the project, we carried out a thorough debriefing at the head office of AkzoNobel.